love those knit toppers…future project with tutorial maybe?!

photo courtesy

Okay…it’s now fall right? I’ve started digging out the totes of fall and winter clothes and shoes.! I can’t believe it either! The word fall in our house is synonymous lots and lots of BOOTS! Not to mention my husband’s vast array of military boots! So…i’ve heemmed and hawed over what in the world to do with our boots since we have such limited closet space and NO GARAGE!  So, I turned to google to see what was on the market for boot storage and I found these!

Until this nifty tool we just stumble through our closet…talk about frustrating!

courtesy: google images

Right now, I am LOVING this boot rack! Everything is up off the floor and we installed them under our clothes in the closet so they do not interfere with us walking in and out of the closet!

 And I am super determined to get organized and this is one step of many to come.

**If you purchase a rack through my linky we will receive a little something from Amazon…

this will be spent either on upgrading this blog or

go to my husband to help him provide for us 🙂

What do y’all do for boot storage/ organization? Anyone have any DIY projects for this?


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