Before my Children Wake Up:


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Even though I love being a mommy more than anything else that I have ever “accomplished”on this planet…I struggle with the role for a variety of different reasons. One of the biggest mountains to overcome is my habit of staying up really late as in midnight or even later sometimes. The problem with this is that I am usually awoken by the pitter patter of my two year old seeking out a morning snack, then coming in and saying “Mama you awake?” Haha the answer is almost always “I am now.” It is in those moments that I feel like a bad mama and even a wee bit selfish…

I think it is essential to wake up earlier than your babies if possible. It also blesses your husband if you see him off in the morning! It gets him off to a good start. I am not saying that waking up early is the perfect formula/plan, but I do think in most cases that it can be a blessing to you and your family. Trust me there is PLENTY of things that can be done in order to fill in that gap between the time you wake up and the time your children do. Now, I am definitely not an expert on the subject! I have just begun my early morning wake up routine and we have been immensely blessed by it. The days go smoother and the mornings are a happy time instead of a harried one….for the most part 🙂

So, this morning I have compiled a list of 10 things that us mommies can do before our children wake up:

  1. Wake up with my husband and make him coffee and grab him a snack or breakfast
  2. See my husband out the door wish him a good day and kiss him
  3. Have coffee before 6 am
  4. Up at 6:30 am or just stay up after my husband is gone
  5. Spend time with God reading his Word and praying
  6. Take a shower or bath and get dressed
  7. Have breakfast started
  8. Hug and kiss my children awake
  9. Have their milk/oj ready for them on the table
  10. Write a blog post.
  11. Get my children’s clothes together

These are definintely not in order of priority, but they are things I strive to get done every morning.

What are some things you do every morning?



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