Silly Dreams?

Sometimes, I think all this research and striving towards raising my children with a life that I never had is hopelessly impossible, but I also know God gives us dreams for a reason. He gives us dreams and I don’t know why. But, my dreams of raising these gifted babes in a godly way, as close to the way he ordained for his creation…they can’t be silly and wayward ones. I want them to burgeon and flourish, so that one day they will be warriors for Christ. Right now, he has given me boys to raise into men. I pray that they will become men set in ways of Christ and light in this darkened, dim world. I must remember that without Jesus Christ, this hope is for naught. It is impossible without him, for we are a fallen creation; broken and helpless. Without his strength we are well…for naught.  Dreams are to be for the glory of God. We are to live lives trudging through, but yet giving up praise and glory. It’s the least and the most we can do. We are but simply creatures and yet our Father delights in us. Sometimes, I think my dreams are impossible, but I know that whatever work our Lord has created in you and I well, he will not leave it undone. When we perish, our lives’ works will be complete. Dreams that were supposed to come true will be realized and those that were not ordained by God will not, but it is he who knows what is best; and our ways are not his ways. What a wonderful truth to take solace in.





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