L’aigle: Side Table and Sawyer: Dresser

Yesterday, was a history-intense lesson for us soon to be homeschoolers. Well, it was a Hoover style history lesson. Greyson (3), Liam (2), and myself (31 weeks pregnant with little Elliott) went antiquing… am I nuts? Maybe a little, but oh man was it fun watching their eyes light up at all that old stuff in all its rusty glory!

You may be wondering how it was history. Well, I got to show my child things from the past, he got to touch the past, he got to move toy cars around that were from a different era. He talked with the owner about all things old and grungy and kept up darn well for a child his age. We did some math and learned how to haggle. We read from an old Bible that for some reason resonated more deeply than a crisp one. We did scripture memory in the car and talked about how amazingly beautiful God’s creations are. That’s currently how we homeschool and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

He learned things from me and I learned things from him. He taught me to look more closely and to pay attention to even the most miniscule of details. It really is true that when you have children, you are given the opportunity to rediscover the world.

Now, let me tell you one of many things what we found.

First up is Sawyer, I didn’t find this dresser yesterday, but he was sitting in my workspace for a while and finally, I got a vision for him.  the dresser is painted in lots and lots of layers of grays, creams,and blues. I then painted over all of that with a final layer of chalk paint in the color polo blue. Then it was distressed . My favorite part is probably the cool hardware. It took on a very cool blueish patina!

So, here’s Sawyer. It is available for purchase in my ETSY SHOP.


Also, one of yesterdays finds was this beauty my three year old so appropriately named Eagle, because of it’s ball and claw feet. Such a cool piece. It is painted with a light grey chalk paint and then lightly distressed and then the details were accented with a cool white.


You can find  it for sale, here.

Well, that’s all for today. I am sure there will be more posts in the very near future. I may or may not have another farmhouse table in the works in addition to all of the other things I am working on 🙂

So, stay tuned!




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