Saturday&Sunday Inspiration.


Oh my, Pinterest is abounding with inspiration and I thought I would share. I didn’t get Saturdays pictures up so I thought I would do a combination post. 

5 Painting Tips To Getting A Distressed Look On Your Furniture French Decorating Featured In Campagne Decoration Magazine- All White Interiors, White Decorating – The White Dresser

via Pinterest

I adore the shabbiness in this room. There’s lots and lots of distress and weathering…just the way I like it. Pure whites and off whites combined with 3 little men in our home doesn’t go hand in hand, but with this, I can get away with it. More use only adds more character and charm. and then the chandelier and lines on the furniture give it a timeless elegance. BEAUTIFUL!!


via pinterest.

I couldn’t find the source for this beautiful room, but if you do let me know! The whites in this room are astounding. The muted colors add just a hint of color without competing with the crisp elegance of the white. I just love the slight shabbiness in the room as well. I honestly might change the floors as a personal preference, but otherwise this room with its abundance of textures is very pretty.


Hope you got some inspiration!

Bethany ❤


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