A FARMHOUSE table& a Quest.

Since my eldest son was born…almost 4 years ago now, I have been on this CRAZY journey of self discovery. After trying to conform to a certain image for years, to be relinquished from that obligation, by motherhood…has been both freeing and terrifying. Now, there is only one expectation, for me to be myself and to show my son that he should always strive to be the person that GOD made, not what the world tells him that he should be. How does this relate to design? Well, when I started, I of course gravitated to the super trendy looks, then I realized that just wasn’t me. And as I build more tables, ect. and paint more vintage&antique pieces, I find that I am getting closer and closer to who I truly am. Hopefully, when I get there that will be conveyed into the pieces I create and paint.

So, please forgive my inconsistencies while I am on this journey! 

Today’s completed piece is an antique white farmhouse table with distressed legs and a weathered top. I think I am getting closer to what I truly love with this piece. Now, if it were my own, I would find some old barn wood with all its GLORIOUS PATINA and make a table out of that or perhaps, I will continue to play with the new boards to get the look that I LOVE. I love the legs, but I also love bigger, chunkier ones. Or Legs that are so ornate they take your breath away…do they just do that to me?

There’s just something about ornate legs and big massive ornate mirrors that I just can not get enough of lately. And don’t even get me started about chairs with beautiful cane and details galore….simply magnificent…

Anyways, I thought I would show some pictures of this farmhouse table. Yes, it is for sale and it is super sturdy and heavy. It’s about six feet long too. And it is coated in a glossy polyurethane to keep it family friendly and easily wipeable which I know is so important to many busy moms.

So here ya, go enjoy the pictures!




please email me at bethanyhoover11@gmail.com for more information about this table! 


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