CLAIRE: Vintage&Worn

Not only, did I forget to post about the lovely, Claire yesterday. I also did not display the Saturday Inspiration Post. So, be prepared for several posts in the upcoming days!

NOW, about Claire. Firstly, I got all excited to paint& I forgot to take before pictures! Ohhh, this muddled mind of mine. Any who  Claire, was a worn out and tired early 20th century dresser. Now, she’s still worn, but gracefully so.


I think it is very important that we let the furniture speak to us before we start to paint. And I thought I had taken enough time, to listen. But, as I began to fill her veneer and cracks and she seemed to scream STOP, LET ME TELL MY STORY. So, I embraced that chippy veneer and I let Claire be herself in all her beautifully worn glory.

Although, I love a good restored piece, I also feel that it loses the ability to tell it’s story when it’s been filled and redeemed to its former gleaming glory. Old pieces need to tell their story. They’ve lived a life,  it’s OKAY not to be new&green. Dare I say that is often better? It’s okay to have history and stories to tell. There is something to be said about a piece that’s been battered but is still available to function fully and be beautiful while doing it! Claire does just that.

For all locals, I now have a booth in Jesup, GA. Claire is available at The Flea Market on 109 S. 5th Street! The Market is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 8AM to 6PM. Sunday from 12PM to 5PM. I will let you all know when she’s gone!

And for everyone who is not quite local, please message me for inquiries shipping&for more information!



Please "LIKE" us on Facebook by clicking on the picture!

Please “LIKE” us on Facebook by clicking on the picture!


I forgot to take pictures, but for an extra pop of color the interior of the drawers are painted in provence!


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