Custom order and self esteem

It’s been a while since my last scribble of thoughts! I’ve been living life, I mean really living. Being intentional and fully living and giving! And man is it good!

I just finished this stunning piece for a client and I just love the way it turned out! I used my good ole stand by! Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in country grey. I went very heavy on the dark wax for this piece because I felt that it would fit well in the clients home!


My client gave me the piece and gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted to the armoire! I was TERRIFIED to be honest! I am so used to a client knowing what they want and making it clear!


I was terrified because I lacked in self confidence! My gut said country grey and heavy dark wax, but I kept on psyching myself out! Now, I’ve painted many a piece but this was a challenge not because it had a “tude” and needed shellac, but because of self doubt! I put the piece in my living room and stared at it for days! Then my dear husband told me that he knew I could do this and that I needed to just follow my heart! So, the armoire and I had a nice chat and then, finally I just did it! I marched to the garage gave my beloved can of country grey a good shake and then I went to town!


And guess what!? She loved it! Her friend loved it! And a man (other than my hubby) told me it was pretty! So, a word if advice, follow your heart and your gut! T’is true that they will usually guide you right! Plus, with chalk paint, if someone hates it you can totally just repaint the entire thing!



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