ASCP: Duck Egg


I’m sorry for my disappearance, but once again, I just couldn’t find time to sneak away to my computer. Hopefully, now I will be able to more often. Life seems to be rhythmic at the moment.

I just completed this GORGEOUS Thomasville Buffet in ASCP duck egg. Let me just say how much I love the color! It covers amazingly well too! Image

This piece wasn’t in too bad of shape. Just needed a LITTLE wood filler here and there. I know you don’t have to clean pieces when you use ASCP, but I always do with Krud Kutter All-Purpose Cleaner. Its amazing and works as a deglosser too which is my favorite aspect. I just don’t want to see all that polyurethane when I distress my pieces…


The hardware on the top two drawers were these strange bell shaped dangly things and I just wasn’t feelin’ it. So, I replaced them with these cuties from World Market. I love the way when combined with the gorgeous column detail they create a romantic feel to the piece.


I left the bottom hardware, because I loved the chunky hardware. I think it balances/grounds the whimsy on the top two drawers. The brass color matches the detailing on the World Market hardware. All these needed was a little cleaning up with my Krud Kutter All Purpose Cleaner, steel wool, and a toothbrush! (How-To coming soon)

I love how this turned out! It’s of course available in my ETSY store 🙂




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