Preserved Flower Favorites: Peonies, Baby’s Breath, Lavender, and Hydrangeas


photo via Pinterest


I adore preserved/ dried flowers. I use them in vases. If you order something from my Etsy store, you will get some type of dried flower wrapped in twine in your package. Flowers are just so personal and versatile. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see one of these when they opened a box?




My favorite dried anything are: cotton stems (yes, cotton stems…is it a southern thing?), peonies, lavender, wheat, baby’s breath, and of course boxwood. I don’t use all of these at once, but I just change it up with the seasons. With the exception of boxwood, it’s pretty much a year around thing y’all. I just love the freshness and pop of color that comes with displaying some preserved boxwood.




Peonies are definitely one of my go to’s for spring. They are so romantic and full. I may or may not be known for harassing florists for all the peonies they have. Kidding, Kidding, but I really do snatch them up whenever I see them and order them offline…often…ahem. My house come spring has peonies…everywhere.



via Pinterest

I use lavender during the spring/summer months usually. Only dried, I love the smoky purple hue lavender gets once it’s been dried. So pretty. Throughout the year though, you will smell lavender in our home. I have it in sachets in drawers, pillows…ect. I even make my own air mist with yep…lavender. It’s good stuff! 

Do you use preserved florals in your decor?








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