Anne: Ironstone + French Enamel 2:1

Hi guys!!

I would like you to meet Anne! We affectionately call her Queen Anne around here. Both my four year old and three year know what I’m asking when I tell them to pull out their preschool work from, Queen Anne.

We found her at an auction for 25.00. She was a tired old mahogany tv cabinet…and let’s be honest those little gems are losing their places in today’s homes. But, they can be used for lots of things. Pinterest is chock full of ideas.

So, When we brought Anne home, I knew exactly what to do with her. We use our dining table for homeschooling right now and we needed something to house the clutter. This piece is the perfect solution.

First, I stripped the cherry finish that was on top and stained it with dark walnut and sealed with MMS Hemp Oil. (Love this stuff the wood just soaks it right up!) then I removed the fold down drawer I wanted baskets and I just didn’t like how streamlined it looked.

I tend to lean towards Romantic Prairie and French Farmhouse and this piece was no different.

here is Anne after she had one coat of Old White ASCP. After, I whipped up a custom mix 2:1 Of MMS Ironstone and French Enamel.







Please excuse the awful pictures and dismiss the paper scattered across the floor. That is just our life in real time, homeschooling.

What do you think?



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