My name is Bethany Hoover & I’m lover of Christ, a soldier’s wife, and mama to three precious little boys. I am inspired by all things rustic and time worn, my goal is to bring out the beauty in any piece and help it move through time and become workable in your home.

Design is a passion of mine and has been since I was very small. I was notorious for changing my room around on a weekly basis. Yep, drove my parents a little crazy. The passion for all things old came as I watched “old classics” like Gone with the Wind and Breakfast at Tiffany’s with my dad.

On this blog you will read about design inspiration and finding it through the trials and the good times. You will read a little bit about everyday  home life, our homeschooling journey, my love of design & painted furniture, maybe some about our journey to become self-sufficient, and faith. On this blog, you will find my heart poured out. Whether its design or something else entirely. You never know what you’re going to get 🙂

So, pour a cup of tea and lets chat dear friend.

I hope you find inspiration here and will visit often!




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